Welcome to MONOPOLY GO!
The board game in which you progress by rolling the Dice and moving your game Token through the different Property Tiles.

Q1: How do I play?
A1: As you progress, you earn money and build up your properties! In addition to building Houses and Hotels from the classic Monopoly game, you will also build Board-specific Landmarks!

Q2: How do I progress?
: You need to spend monopoly cash to level up these Landmarks in order to complete your Board and progress along the Map to your next one. Also, by landing on a Railroad Tile, you’ll enter a minigame! Attack other players’ Landmarks and steal some cash in the Shut Down minigame or get lucky and drain their bank account in Bank Heist!

There’s plenty to discover as you dig into MONOPOLY GO! You can charge Rent, draw Chance Cards, pay taxes, grow your Net Worth, play in Tournaments, or even go to Jail!
Keep rolling the Dice and prepare to share a great gaming experience with your fellow Tycoon friends!