Ready to team up, Tycoons?

During the event, you'll spot four slots on your Board.
Pair up with your friends to build attractions on these slots!
To upgrade your attractions tap on a specific attraction and spin the wheel to collect points. Both you and your partner contribute to the progress bar which includes special rewards all the way to the final prize!

Q1: Can I change or remove a partner?
A1: Once you’ve partnered up, you’re partners for the rest of the event.

Q2: How can I collect coop currency?
A2: You can get coop currency on your board and in all the events in the game such as Quick Wins, Daily Tournaments, and milestones.

Q3: What happens to unused coop currency after the event?
A3: Any remaining coop currency gets converted into cash.

Q4: Why is it difficult to get higher points on the spinning wheel?
A4: No magic sauce here! The results are entirely unpredictable. Each spin is random, so outcomes cannot be influenced or controlled.

Q5: Why does my partner not help?
A5: While it’s not possible to change partners, try using the emoji to give your partner a friendly nudge! 


Q6: How do I partner up?
A6: You can either choose from your friend list or partner with suggested partners!


Q7: What if my partner unfriended me?
A7: Unfortunately, if your partner unfriended you, you won’t be able to spin the wheel with them.


Q8: Why does the coop currency not appear on my board?
A8: If you completed the event with all four partners, it’s normal for the currency to not show up.

Q9: Why are the scores different for me and my partner?
A9: There might be small delays in the score to update, as both you and your partner need to be online and contribute towards the next milestone.

If you are experiencing issues with this event, please visit our FAQ for known issues.