Q1: How do I earn a Wild Sticker?
A1: Wild Stickers are extremely high-value rewards that players can earn during special events or in Quick Wins.

Q2: How do Wild Stickers work?
A2: When you receive a Wild Sticker, you will be shown a list of all the Stickers in the current album you're missing. Then, you must select one of those missing Stickers and will then receive it.

Q3: Can I pick ANY Sticker with a Wild Sticker? Even a Gold Sticker?
A3: You can pick any Sticker that you do not already have in your collection. Yes, even Gold Stickers!

Q4: Is my Wild Sticker choice final?
A4: Yes. Once a player has selected a Sticker and confirmed their choice, they cannot undo their selection. However, there will always be more Wild Stickers out there to earn!

Q5: Can I pick which sticker I want from my Wild Sticker at a later time?
: No. A player must use a Wild Sticker the moment they've earned it.

Q6: Can I use a Wild Sticker to complete my Set or my Album?
Yes! That's the beauty of Wild Stickers. If the Sticker you select will complete a Set (or even the entire Album), you'll get the rewards just as if you'd received the Sticker from a pack.