Q1: What is Safe Exchange?

A1: Safe Exchange is a feature that allows you and a friend to propose stickers to exchange with each other. Both parties must agree on the exchange before it is finalized.

Q2: How do I initiate a Safe Exchange?

A2: To initiate a Safe Exchange, tap on the sticker you want to exchange, select 'Send to Friend', then toggle the option 'Make an Exchange!'. Your friend will then propose a sticker for the exchange.

Q3: What happens after I send a Safe Exchange proposal?

A3: Once you send a Safe Exchange proposal, your friend will receive a notification to propose a sticker back. The exchange is not performed until both parties agree on the stickers to be exchanged.

Q4: Can I cancel a Safe Exchange proposal?

A4: You cannot cancel a Safe Exchange proposal once it has been sent. However, once your friend responds to the proposal, you have the option to decline the exchange.

Q5: How many Safe Exchanges can I initiate?

A5: You can initiate 5 Safe Exchanges per day. However,  you can receive up to 50 daily stickers from trading.