What are Treasures Events?

During Treasures events, you go on a quest to dig out hidden pieces using your Pickaxes and complete sets of treasures to claim fantastic prizes!


Where Can You Collect Pickaxes?

The path to treasure-hunting success begins with collecting Pickaxes. You can acquire these valuable tools as rewards from tournaments, Quick Wins, milestones, and more.


What are Blocks?

Blocks may hinder your progress, so be sure to turn over all blocks to successfully complete the current level.


What are Stubborn Tiles?

Stubborn tiles are tiles that require two taps to be completely cleared and reveal any hidden treasure beneath.


What are Exploding Critters?

Exploding critters can be found under empty treasure tiles. These critters help by clearing surrounding tiles or removing one layer from stubborn tiles. Critter explosions can blow horizontally, vertically, or in a square.


What Happens to Unused Pickaxes?

Wondering what will happen to your remaining Pickaxes once the event ends? No need to worry! Your Pickaxes will be automatically converted into resources.