Sticker Albums are composed of several Sticker Sets. Each Sticker Set has 9 unique Stickers. Collect all the Stickers in a Set to earn a reward. Complete all the Sets in an Album to earn a grand prize!

Q1: How can I review my collection?
A1: To review your collection of Stickers, tap the "Album" button (bottom right of your screen). Earn Sticker Packs through various in-game activities to complete your collection!

Q2: How can I earn stickers?
A2: There are lots of ways to earn Stickers in the game: Finishing Quick Wins Progressing through Milestone Events Finishing top 10 in a Tournament Spinning the Color Set Wheel Gifted Stickers from a friend Buying Sticker Packs through our store!

Tycoon tip: Trade duplicate Stickers using safe exchange with a friend to complete sets and get closer to the grand prize!