Q1: What are duplicate stickers?
A1: Duplicate Stickers are "copies" of stickers you already have, tradeable with friends, in groups and communities or at the Safe for rewards.

Q2: How do I know if I have a duplicate sticker?
A2: In the Album menu, the Stickers you have multiple copies of are marked with a "+1" (or a greater number, if you have more than one extra copy).

Q3: What are sticker stars and how can I get rewards for them?
A3: Sticker stars are earned by collecting duplicate stickers, with golden stickers being worth double. Sticker stars can be traded in for rewards by selecting the 'Stickers for Rewards' button in the album menu. Stars can also be exchanged for better rewards and should be saved for higher rarity sticker packs for maximum value. Collaborating with friends can also help accumulate more stars.

Q4: How can I use stars in the Sticker Album menu?
A4: In the Sticker Album menu, utilize the Safe icon at the bottom to exchange stars for rewards. The more stars you exchange, the better the reward you'll get! Remember, you can exchange them every 24 hours.

Tycoon tip: you will get a lot of duplicate stickers over time as the content is random. Save them up to trade them for bigger vaults!