Welcome back Tycoon!

Did you get your welcome-back gift, yet?

Scottie will occasionally give you some unexpected gifts when you log back in after some time, to show that he is excited to see you!

Q1: Are Welcome back gifts always the same?

A1: No - the gifts can differ.


Q2: I don't see any events after the Welcome back message

A2: please give the game a few minutes – the usual events will appear soon!


Q3: What is the Friendly Nudge?

A3: When a player returns, some friends can send a welcome message with an emoji and optionally donate dice.
The returning player can reply with an emoji to show gratitude!


Q4: Who is chosen to send a Friendly Nudge to the returning player?

A4: Only those who had a certain amount of interactions with the player beforehand will be selected.


Q5: How can I trigger the Friendly Nudge?

A5: The Friendly Nudge is triggered automatically.

Q6: What if I ignore the prompt to send a Friendly Nudge to my returning friend?

A6: Sending a Friendly Nudge is completely optional!

Q7: What entails the Friendly Nudge?

A7: When you decide to send a Friendly Nudge to your returning friend, you will select an emoji to be sent as a gift.

As an optional step, you can choose to attach some of your own dice to help your friend get back up to speed!
The emoji is mandatory, but donating dice is completely optional.

Q8: Can I choose the amount of dice I want to donate?

A8: No - the game will suggest an amount for you to donate.

You can choose whether to attach the suggested amount or not, but you cannot change it.