During our Prize-Drop event you can gather Prize-Drop coins through regular gameplay like Quick Wins, Tournaments, and Milestones. Then, when you choose to use your Coins you can release them by select the PEG-E release them from the top of the board for a shot at rewards! coins will descend into the "Reward Zone" at the bottom of the screen, offering various rewards.

Q1:How does the mulitplier work?
A1: Using a multiplier will cause the token to bounce, increasing its impact on the prize buttons and making it easier to complete the reward wheel.

Q2: Why have my points reset?
The event has multiple milestones, the meter restarts once the first milestone is completed.

Q3: Could I get free Peg-E coins?
You can earn more coins from tournaments, milestones and quick wins until the last hours of the event!

Q4: Why do coins always drop to the sides?
Each drop is random and cannot be influenced. However, collecting more Peg-E coins will increase your chances of getting better results.

Q5: What will happen to the remaining Peg-E coins by the end of the event?
The remaining coins are removed, you'll get more in the next Peg-E event. Keep an eye out for bundles and offers for Peg-E coins!