Q: What are emojis in Monopoly GO!?

A: Emojis are animated images that you can attach to social actions in the game. They can be sent, received, earned, or collected during gameplay.

Q: How can I send emojis in Monopoly GO!?

A: You can send emojis in Bank Heists, Shut Down Success, Shut Down Blocked, Sticker Sends/Trades, and Co-op Partner situations. Once you opt to add an emoji, an emoji picker will appear from the bottom of the screen.

Q: Can I choose not to send an emoji in Monopoly GO!?

A: Yes, sending an emoji is always opt-in, and it is always possible to not send an emoji.

Q: How do I receive emojis in Monopoly GO!?

A: You will receive the emoji at the same time you are informed of the social action it was sent with. The emoji receive location(s) (where/when the emoji is visible) vary depending on the social action taken.

Q: How do I earn or collect new emojis in Monopoly GO!?

A: You must first unlock the emojis feature, which will occur early in the game. Players start with several basic emojis in their collection, and new emojis can be earned as in-game rewards or purchased with hard currency. Once you earn an emoji, it is added to your collection.

Q: What are Emoji Boxes in Monopoly GO!?

A: Emoji Boxes are virtual boxes that contain new emojis as rewards or purchases. They come in different rarities and have specific emojis. When you earn an Emoji Box, it will play an opening sequence that shows all the emojis inside.

Q: How can I view my emoji collection in Monopoly GO!?

A: You can find the Emoji Collection section in the Collection menu, next to Tokens and Shield Skins. All Emojis in your collection will animate while visible, and recently acquired Emojis will have a red pip on them.