Q1: What is the board on Monopoly Go!?
: If you’ve played the classic MONOPOLY board game, the Board here is a familiar sight. And just like the original game, in MONOPOLY GO!, you’ll roll Dice to move your Token across the Board, earning different rewards depending on the Tile on which your Token lands. The Board is populated by several different types of Tiles.

Q2: What are property tiles?
Property Tiles are the most common. The Houses you earn by building and upgrading Landmarks are placed on Property Tiles. If you land on a Property Tile that is currently occupied by a Rent Target, they will pay you Rent depending on the number of Houses on that same tile.

Q3: What are the railroad tiles?
Each side of the Board also has a Railroad Tile. Landing on this type of tile will initiate a minigame -  “Shutdown” or “Bank Heist.”

Q4: What are the four corners?
The four corners of the Board each contain a special Tile. The Go Tile is the starting Tile for each Board. When you land on or pass by this Tile, you earn money! The next corner is for Jail Visitors — this is a free space. Next, is Free Parking — which is sometimes activated by special events, but is otherwise a free space. Finally, we have the Go To Jail Tile. Here, you have three chances to roll doubles (these rolls do not consume Dice). If you succeed, you’ll earn bonus Dice Rolls! If you fail, you’ll have to pay bail before leaving.

Q5: What else is on the board?
: There are several other surprises to be found on the Board, including the Luxury Tax Tile, Chance Cards, Community Chest, and Utilities: The Electric Company and The Water Works.