Q1: Why did my purchase fail?
A1: Depending on your device, your purchase was handled either by Apple, Google Play, or Amazon. Therefore, all purchases must be verified by one of those platforms as we do not have your payment or billing information.

Q2: When should I contact my device payment platform?
A2: If you see any of these errors, please contact your device's payment platform:

“Your transaction cannot be completed”
“Unable to complete purchase - low balance”
“Transaction declined - use another method”
“Error - insufficient balance” “Payment failed”
“Error - transaction could not be completed - fix payment problem”
“Cannot complete transaction - send required documents”
“Error - unable to complete transaction”

Payment platforms support:
Google Play Support: https://support.google.com/googleplay/?hl=en#topic=3364260
Apple Support: https://support.apple.com/
Amazon Support: